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Welcome to Daxitove. Daxitove (pronounced "dazitov"), is an online community, which focuses on many different, yet exciting new aspects within the genre of virtual pets. Users are able to create their very own, fully customizable character, adopt a virtual pet, or pets, and explore the ever-changing world of Daxitove! Users can also participate in a fully dynamic economy, run their own shops and businesses, play the stock market, take care of, play with, pamper, train their pets, and much, much more. Best of all, you get to interact with the thousands of other users through forums, chat, blogs, and more, to determine the future of Daxitove. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today, and start playing in the world of Daxitove!

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Hey Everyone

Posted on 2008-10-26 09:34:24 PM by Jessica
We're back in business. For major updates, check www.daxitove.com.... Read More